The Glitter That Remains


On October 27, 2016, we got to meet with the staff at the Britannia Library. What better place to visit early on in our search for understanding than the information-keepers of the Britannia community than the library staff?

Upon our visit, we got to sit with a group of staff to get to know them. We started with a simple question of: How does this tribe identify themselves in this community?

In no time we were off and running. I started jotting down words and concepts on poster paper as the group went around the room telling us what they saw as their identity and roles in the community of Britannia.To be honest…we only got to ask one question. What we thought would be a series of questions and pulling information out of a group of people quickly turned into a frenzy of reflections, remembering, recognitions and ideations around what makes up the community, what is the intention of the community and what the community stands for. They really know a LOT about Britannia and its inner workings.

In about 15 minutes we ended up with this word cloud:


From this initial word cloud we ask the group to circle words and concepts that stand out to them and also add words or concepts that are missing. We from that take all the circled items and newly added items and create a list of words.


As a poet…these words to me are like gold…and the backbone of a narrative created collectively. To me, just by themselves condensed for recognition and acknowledgement is poetry in itself. But as you can see, we made a couple changes. We added at the top “Britannia is:” and reversed the place of “people” and “services” and added brackets around ‘centre’ as well as adding it at the end. It was then named “This Is The Glitter That Remains” by one of our participants and it really reflected that.

After an hour of intense conversation around what they love and how they identify as a tribe or group in the Britannia universe…these last words remained as a definitive poetic statement from the viewpoint of those lovely people at the Britannia Library.

This interaction would help us set the standard for our later workings in this community and helped us to see what is possible with the groups and how much love really lives in this community. We have intentions on taking this sacred data and transforming it into more art we can live in and experience.

We are VERY thankful to the Library Staff here at Britannia for their willingness to participate and openness in ideation and creation with us. We look forward to visiting later this year to touch base and see what’s developed!

What do you love about the Britannia Library?

Leave a comment below.


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