Britannia’s Box of Light

We see the collective consciousness of the community to be like a box of light. Inside this box are many ideas, understandings, wisdom, stories, and knowledge that light the community from within. Sometimes this box gets messy or we forget what is inside, and we need to open it up. This collaboration between poet/multi-media artist Ronnie Harris and Expressive Arts Therapist/community artist Kelty McKerracher will open the community box of light through multiple ideation processes with diverse community groups. Through the creation of word clouds and mind maps, we seek to understand, recognize, and acknowledge what the Britannia community holds close to their hearts. With this sacred light data we will engage a core group of youth to create multi-disciplinary performance and media works that explore and deepen our collective understanding of the Britannia community’s gifts. The box of light will shine during a final celebration in Britannia’s Carving Pavilion in summer 2017. This collaborative artistic inquiry is a practice of mindful relationship, of seeing beauty in each other, and activating conversations about what matters most to us.


What matters most to you in your community? Leave a comment below. Thanks!


Kelty & Ronnie

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